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Pearl AI X-Rays

At Uyesugi Dental, we use the most advanced imaging technology to help patients maintain optimal oral health and facilitate the detection of dental disease and oral pathology with the ultimate precision. AI-powered dental radiology elevates diagnostic imaging to improve efficiency, consistency, and accuracy in care.

Treatment outcomes rely on gathering the best diagnostic information. AI X-rays employ artificial intelligence algorithms to enable our office to quickly and reliably screen a patient’s diagnostic images for dental disease and pathology. This technology enhances the assessment performed by our professional team to support treatment planning, the precise delivery of care, and successful treatment outcomes.

AI X-rays enhance dental disease detection from the earliest emergence of tooth decay and gum disease to their more advanced stages and impacts on the surrounding tissues. We can also accurately detect, view, and quantify calculus accumulations, bone level around the teeth, impactions, restoration integrity, periapical radiolucency (infection), and other pathology.

While elevating the standard of care to offer more precise diagnostic information, this innovative technology also improves the workflow process and provides an excellent tool for our professional team to give our patients a clearer understanding of their oral health and recommended treatment options. With AI X-rays, issues like tooth decay get highlighted on the image in color so patients can clearly see our findings.

This valuable diagnostic and educational tool improves patient communication and enables our office to deliver patient-centric care and achieve results that support good oral health and overall well-being.

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